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Al Takamol AlHadith is a specialized niche service construction company providing cutting edge economical solutions to Industrial and Petrochemical clients. Al Takamol strives to attain excellent customer satisfaction through superior quality services and products in a timely economic environmental safe manner. Each and every member of this organization is part of this commitment and will do their utmost to attain excellence in customer satisfaction.

Over the years, we have successfully implemented a Saudization program by hiring, training and placing young Saudis in responsible positions. We believe this trust will contribute to the social economical development of Saudi Arabia in the years ahead.

Serving the best interest of our customers with social commitment & responsibilities.

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Al-Takamol has the best support of any I have ever worked with. They always respond promptly and always find a way to help. It's reassuring to me to know there's someone on the other end that actually cares if you’re satisfied.

- Al-Yami